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Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets Review

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This is a review of Wilko’s Constipation Relief Tablets with Bisacodyl, a product the manufacturer claims will provide effective, short-term relief for intermittent constipation. Read on to discover more about this laxative to decide if this is a product that will work for you.





Under the heading of ingredients, I found only two words; contains Bisacodyl. The picture of the box of tablets shows the dosage as 5 mg per tablet. After further research, I discovered that Bisacodyl is from the class of medications called stimulant laxatives, and was intended to treat occasional constipation as well as to empty the bowels prior to the performance of surgical procedures. It works by causing the intestines to work harder, which causes an accelerated bowel movement.


Standardly, this medication is taken before bed and works overnight to promote emptying of the bowels within 6-12 hours. Do not take Bisacodyl with dairy products or antacids or the laxative may be less effective. Bisacodyl should not be taken for longer than a week (5 days) with consulting your physician. Always take medications as directed by the label or more importantly, as directed by your doctor. If you do not have a bowel movement after ingesting Bisacodyl discontinue using it and contact your doctor and be advised that using too much may cause your bowels to function abnormally, making a bowel movement more difficult.

Possible Side-Effects

Bisacodyl may interact negatively with other supplements, medications, vitamins and holistic products you may be taking so please tell your physician before being to use it. It may also be contraindicated for women who are pregnant, who are considering pregnancy or nursing a baby.


The cost of this product per 30 count box is £1.25 ($1.95) plus an additional £3.50 ($5.46) for shipping costs.   Again, there is very little information about the price and the website does not clarify if delivery is possible outside the U.K.


The manufacturer states that a consumer will receive a full refund if the item is returned in its entirety and the refund will be processed at the company’s earliest convenience or within thirty days of original purchase, whichever comes first.


Wilko’s Constipation Relief Tablets are definitely cost effective. The manufacturer lists no ingredients other than a 5 mg dosage of the stimulant laxative even though it is quite possible that it contains others. There is no information on recommended dosage or potentially harmful interactions and this will leave customers in the dark about how much they should take or whether or not it will be accompanied with unpleasant side-effects.

Furthermore, it is impossible to tell by reading the website if the product is available for purchase/delivery outside the U.K and this makes me wonder if people are going to chance ordering it if there is no promise of receiving it. Last, but by no means, least- the guarantee is vague. It states the tablets must be returned in their original package and only in its entirety. In other words, if you take any portion of the tablets and you are dissatisfied you are stuck with them because you cannot return them all. In closing, there is too little information to take this product without supplementary research.

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