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A.Vogel Linoforce Granules Natural Constipation Remedy Review

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This article is a review of A. Vogel’s Linoforce Granule Natural Constipation Remedy. These granules claim to assist in relieving constipation. It is advertised to be a natural herbal medicine which can be used for the treatment of occasional constipation. In this article we will discuss the product’s ingredients as well as other important information. We will also be reviewing the product’s efficacy and whether it would be the right choice for your constipation treatment.


  • Linseeds
  • Senna leaves
  • Frangula bark

Linseed is grown for its plant fibers and seeds which are used for its high fiber content. Senna leaves are widely used as a natural laxative in constipation treatments. And while frangula bark is an ingredient used in many herbal medicines it is most often used in laxatives. It is said to have milder effects on constipation than most other herbs such as senna. During our research into the active ingredients, we discovered that the amounts of the ingredients per dose was slightly low for them to be very effective.


The daily recommended dosage for this product for children over the age of 12 and adults is one level measuring spoon. (The spoon is included with the product.) It is to be taken with plenty of water at night, and for no longer than a week.

Possible Side Effects

There are both skin and digestive side effects possible when taking this product such as red and/or itchy patches on skin, rash, diarrhea and abdominal swelling, pain or spasms. It is also possible that your urine will appear a yellow or reddish brown color, however this is harmless.


A 300 gram canister if Linoforce granules is offered for $20.20 and does not include shipping. Free shipping is offered for deliveries of orders over $25. International orders are charged additional shipping fees, and other taxes may be due at the time of delivery.


The manufacturer offers an exchange/refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product or service they invite you to contact them at any time. However you must make your claim for any type of damage to the product within 7 days of receiving the product. We could not find any clear guidelines on what shape the product must be in to be returned. The company does recommend you keep proof of posting when a return of made and to contact their customer support to report any issues before returning the product. From what information we were able to gather this product is highly recommended by its customers. They have rated it as a very good to excellent product for effectiveness. The only issue some customers mentioned was a slight difficulty understanding how to use the product.


A. Vogel’s Linoforce granules are a natural treatment for relieving constipation. This could be a more desirable alternative treatment for those who prefer natural and/or herbal remedies. The return and refund policy is a big plus for this product, and helps build confidence for its effectiveness. However the possibility of such serious side effects does induce caution. There are also quite a few restrictions concerning who can and cannot take this medication. We recommend that you thoroughly research and read through these restrictions before taking this product.

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