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RezVera Review

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This is a review of RezVera Natural Supplement for Digestive System. It is said that this product aid you in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It also claims to alleviate symptoms associated with IBS, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas and indigestion. For more information on this product and our research-based opinion on whether this is the right treatment for your constipation please continue reading.



Although there are other all natural ingredients in this product these three are the key active ingredients used for the improvement and health of the digestive system. Aloe Vera is one of the leading natural treatments used for IBS today. Resveratol is a multifunctional and powerful ingredient which can be found in red wine. It can aid in lowering cholesterol, preventing blood clots and repairing blood vessel damage. There are also reports that it has the ability to naturally boost energy, clear acne and relieve symptoms of IBS. There are 18 digestive enzymes in RezVera which are important protein molecules. They help the body’s ability to digest, and  can prevent gas, bloating, constipation and other issues caused by food that has not digested.


The recommended dose for the most benefits is 1-2 pills following every meal. Our research into this product found that although slightly on the low side the amount of some of the key ingredients that are delivered per dose is adequate to be an effective treatment. Some of the ingredients did not have enough specific information to determine their amounts per dose.

Possible Side Effects

RezVera claims to have no known side effects. The company does warn that an allergic reaction could occur. It has been suggested that anyone considering taking this product should investigate the ingredients for possible allergies, and consult a doctor.


RezVera is offered for sale through the manufacturer’s website and different independent retailers as well. A 30 day supply can be purchased via the manufacturer for $49.98, however if you opt for the monthly Auto-ship program the cost goes down to $24.99 per bottle. This does not include any shipping costs.


A money back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer. If you are unsatisfied with the product a full refund of the purchase price is available when returned within 90 days. No questions will be asked, and you can keep any unused medication free of charge. During our customer experience research we discovered both positive and negative reviews. Those found on the company’s website were all positive, however on third party sites the reviews were almost evenly split. There were almost as many bad comments as those that said the product was great. Criticism ranged from those who said it had no effect at all to some complaining of side effects such as irregular and rapid heartbeat. This was concerning as the company claimed there were no known side effects with this product.


The manufacturer of  this supplement is GMP certified, and it is made with natural ingredients which can be a plus for those who prefer natural treatments. The no questions or hassles guarantee is also a good part of this supplement. The high cost of it, however is a major downside especially for those who do not want to sign up for the monthly program. The most concerning thing for us was the amount of bad reviews this product received.

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