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Red Leaf Medical Relaxa Review

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This is a review of Relaxa, by Red Leaf Medical. Relaxa is a powder that is mixed with liquid and consumed to relieve constipation. This product is currently only available in Canada. Read on to learn more about Relaxa and how it works to relieve constipation.


The active ingredients are:

  • Polyethylene Glycol 

Polyethylene Glycol is an osmotic laxative. It works by adding bulk and moisture to stool, making it easier to pass, thus promoting regularity and relieving constipation. It may take 2-4 days to produce a bowel movement. The manufacturer states that this supplement can also make bowel movements more frequent. There are no non-medicinal ingredients.


Take 17g (one heaping tablespoon or one sachet) once per day. Mix in 8oz/250ml of liquid and drink right away.

Relaxa comes in two types of packaging. One is loose powder, which is measured with the enclosed scoop. The other is in pre-measured sachets. Customers should mix one scoop or sachet with a liquid of their choice and drink immediately. It is odorless, flavorless and non gritty, allowing it to be added to a variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juice or tea. Relaxa should not be taken within two hours of medications, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the other medication. It should be taken only as directed. Taking more than recommended can cause problems or result in diarrhea.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects that have been noted for this supplement are nausea, bloating, abdominal cramps, gas and occasionally diarrhea. Taking higher doses than advised may cause loose watery stools. Clinical studies have not been conducted to determine whether Relaxa is safe for children under 18 years old, or anyone who is pregnant or nursing.


Relaxa is available to order online at the product website. Prices start at 21.99 for either a 510g container or a box of 30 sachets. The Relaxa website offers occasional mail-in rebates. The current offer expired in March 2015, but interested customers can check back for new offers.


There is no customer satisfaction guarantee promoted on the product website. Relaxa is kosher and pareve. Currently this product is available only in Canada. We were unable to locate any customer reviews.


Relaxa is a powder that should be mixed with liquid and consumed in order to add bulk and moisture to the stool. It is packaged in convenient sachets, or in a loose powder form that comes with a scoop that is used to measure it. The price is reasonable and the product website makes an effort to provide adequate information. The absence of a customer satisfaction guarantee may give some customers pause, as in the event that you are not satisfied with the product you will not necessarily be able to return it. There are no customer reviews on the product website or elsewhere online at this time to indicate how other users have felt about the product and whether it has been effective.

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