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Proctor & Gamble Metamucil Fiber Powder Review

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This is a review of Proctor & Gamble Metamucil Fiber Powder. This product is a psyllium based fiber supplement that is available in a variety of flavours and options. It is used to add bulk to stool and promote regularity. Continue on to read our review and learn more about the varieties of Metamucil that are available.


The active ingredients are:

  • Psyllium husk

Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber that is the primary ingredient in Metamucil. It works by absorbing water. This causes it to swell, becoming soft and adding bulk and moisture to the stool. Psyllium promotes regularity and can help to ease constipation. Effects typically take 3-5 days. This type of fiber is also sometimes used to give a feeling of fullness which suppresses the appetite and can support weight loss for some people. Metamucil is available in regular and sugar-free forms as well as smooth or coarse powder. The sugar free Metamucil product contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener that may not be tolerated well by some people. This product can be purchased in a canister or individually packaged sachets. It is available in orange, berry or lemonade flavours. Inactive ingredients include: Sugar (in regular Metamucil), aspartame (in sugar free Metamucil), citric acid, natural and artificial colors and flavors. Some Metamucil products may contain other ingredients.


Adults and children 12 years and over should take 1-2 teaspoons  in 8 ounces of liquid three times per day with meals.  Use this product at least two hours before or after taking medications or other supplements.

It should be noted that the dosage varies depending on which purpose you are using the product for. When using Metamucil for digestive health, 1 rounded teaspoon is recommended three times per day. It should always be taken with liquid to avoid a choking hazard. It should not be taken by people who have difficulty with swallowing.

Possible Side Effects

If rectal bleeding occurs, or constipation persists longer than 7 days, contact your doctor.


Metamucil can be purchased from Amazon. Prices begin at approximately $11.99 for either 29 ounces (72 tablespoons) of loose powder or a box of 30 individually wrapped singles. It is also available at a variety of retailers and online vendors. Customers can sign up for P&G Everyday mailing list to receive coupons and discounts on Metamucil and other P&G products.


There is no customer satisfaction guarantee offered by the manufacturer for this product. There are a large number of customer reviews offered on both the product website and other sites. The reviews are mixed, with most being positive. As customers use this product for different reasons, it is difficult to determine which reviews are written by people taking the supplement to help with constipation.


Metamucil is a daily fiber supplement that can be used to promote regularity and relieve occasional short term constipation. It is available in a variety of flavours, both fine and coarse thicknesses and is packaged in a canister or as single serving packets. There are both regular and sugar free formulas. The singles are particularly convenient for carrying with you. Unfortunately the product website does not offer a satisfaction guarantee and Metamucil has relabeled this product recently as a daily fiber supplement rather than specifically marketing it as a solution for constipation.

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