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Peri-Colace Review

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This is a review for the product Peri-Colace, manufactured by Colace.  This product has been formulated for use in preventing occasional constipation.  The makers claim that Peri-Colace will produce results overnight, typically in 6 to 12 hours.  Read on for more information about this product.


Active ingredients are:

  • docusate sodium- used to help soften the stool
  • senna- a laxative that helps to stimulate movement in the digestive tract

No further ingredients are listed on the product page.


The suggested dosage for adults and children over the age of 12 is 2-4 tablets once daily.  Children between the ages of 6 and 12 should take 1-2 tablets daily and children 2-6 should take  1 tablet daily.  Before giving to children under the age of 2, a physician should be consulted.

Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult with a physician before taking this product.

Possible Side Effects

The website for Peri-Colace does not list any side effects, but a generic search on WebMD revealed the following as potential side effects: stomach cramps, burping, diarrhea, feel like throwing up, abnormal urine color, condition with muscle spasms that last a long time, elevation of proteins in the urine, imbalance in body salts like potassium and sodium, low amount of potassium in the blood, reaction due to an allergy, arthritis, bloody urine, discoloration of the lining of the colon, general ill health and malnutrition, inflammation of skin caused by an allergy, rash, and softening of bones.


Peri-Colace is widely available at many major drugstores and grocery stores nationwide.  Many well known online retailers, such as Amazon and are also listed as carriers of this product.  On Amazon, a bottle containing 60 tablets is available for $16.96, though the list price is $33.33.  Both a 10-count and 30-count bottle is available, if a smaller amount is preferred, though the price per tablet is higher for the convenience of a smaller package.  Additionally, if you sign up for email updates, you can receive further discounts.


There is no information regarding a return policy or a guarantee on Peri-Colace.  Because this is a product widely available, it would be wise to check with the store you are purchasing from to see what their individual return policy is regarding medications.


Many will find the claim of quick results very appealing for Peri Colace.  Having it readily available at many well-known stores is another plus, especially when instant relief is needed, rather than having to wait for a product to ship.  No guarantee is noted, which could be of concern if the product does not live up to its claim of relief in 6-12 hours.  The dosage instructions are very clear and convenient with being able to dose an adult as well as a young child.  Some of the side effects are potentially a deterrent to consumers, though many are listed as uncommon side effects.  The price is fair, though it may vary greatly from retailer to retailer. The website does claim to have discounts available if signing up for the newsletter, which could be of further benefit in terms of pricing.

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