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OsmoLax Osmotic Laxative Review

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In this article, we will review OsmoLax Osmotic Laxative. The manufacturer claims this product is a laxative which aids in softening stool. It is also reported to be a natural method for producing and passing stools comfortably. For pertinent information concerning this product and our opinion about whether or not it is right for your constipation needs please continue reading.



• Macrogol 3350

Macrogol 3350 is reportedly the only active ingredient, and our research could not find any other ingredients listed. It was noted to be free of yeast, lactose, gluten, as well as artificial sweeteners and colors. The active ingredient is known to be used in treating constipation and as a stool softener. Studies have found that it can be quite effective for both children and adults. Further information was discovered that suggests that macrogol can also be used for relieving the discomfort caused by impacted stool, and seems to be especially beneficial for those longer cases of constipation.


Children aged 12 to adults: The dosage the manufacturer recommends is one leveled 17 gram scoop (scoop included) dissolved into about 1 cup of water or the drink of your choice once per day. In cases of severe constipation two doses can be taken in 24 hours. For longer term use it is suggested that the dose can be adjusted by halves depending on how the patient reacts. Children 6 to 12: Using the 8.5 gram side of the scoop, dissolve one level scoop into 1 cup of water daily. This can also be adjusted as needed. Do not exceed three 8.5 gram scoops in 24 hours. Children 4 to 5: Mix one half a cup of water with one 8.5 gram scoop a day. Take no more than two doses in 24 hours. Children younger than 4 are not recommended to use this product. Any unused liquid mixed with the product can be stored for up to 6 hours in the refrigerator in a sealed container. Keep hydrated while taking this product, and make sure to take other medication 2 hours before or after this product. According to research there is a sufficient amount of the active ingredient per dose for it to be effective.

Possible Side Effects

Some adverse effects are possible while taking this treatment including nausea, vomiting and swelling of the abdomen. Slightly milder effects which may occur are cramping, gas, bloating and diarrhea. If diarrhea occurs it can usually be controlled with dose adjustments. There have been cases reported in children of tenderness and inflammation of the perianal area. This medication should not be used by those who suffer conditions such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, cardiac issues and those with impaired renal function unless otherwise instructed by a physician.


This product can be purchased through various retailers and online. We were able to find that it has a price range of $14.49-$19.99 for a 510 gram bottle (30 adult doses). This does not including shipping where applicable.


After thorough research into this product we could not find any mention of a manufacturer’s guarantee. However you may want to check into the return policies of each individual retailer where it can be purchased. Very few customer reviews could be found, but those we did see were positive regarding the gentleness and effectiveness of this laxative.


Results from studies on the key ingredient of this laxative have shown it has been decently effective on constipation. And the fact that it is natural and gluten-free can be a big plus to some customers. There is no evidence of a manufacturer’s guarantee and there are very few customer reviews. This is a concern – and perhaps OsmoLax shouldn’t be your final choice when looking for a product to help with constipation.

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