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Number One Nutrition’s Advanced Probiotic Review

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This is a review for the product Advanced Probiotic, manufactured by Number One Nutrition.  The product information page suggests this may be a product for you if you’ve ever experienced constipation, digestive problems, fatigue and irritability, amongst other digestive ailments.  Number One Nutrition claims that this will help to improve not only your digestive health, but also your emotional well-being, and can also help to breakdown allergy-causing proteins and even help to aid in fat loss.


The following are the probiotic bacterias included in Advanced Probiotic:

  • Bacillus subtillus- helps to promote healthy gut flora and vitamin k2 intake
  • L. rhamnosus- for healthy vaginal and urinary tracts as well as helping with occasional travelers diarrhea
  • L. casei- complements the growth of L. acidophilus in the digestive tract
  • B. longum- breaks down carbohydrates
  • L. acidophilus- creates good bacteria to help reduce chances of diarrhea and promote proper immune function
  • L. plantarum- combats bad bacteria in the digestive tract
  • B. breve- helps with vitamin production and regulates intestinal microbial homeostasis

Other ingredients:

  • Vegetable cellulose- used as a vegetarian supplement carrier, instead of using preservatives
  • Magnesium stearate- an anti-adherent used in the manufacturing process
  • Stearic acid– saturated fatty acid


The makers suggest taking 2 capsules daily with a meal.  There are 60 capsules in each bottle, ensuring a 30 day supply in each container.

Possible Side Effects

No potential side effects are listed on the product page.


The retail price is listed at $39.99, however the website allows you to purchase this product for $21.99, which is a savings of 45%. If you join the Exclusive VIP Club, you can also see a savings of an additional 20%.  This is a price for a bottle with a 30 day supply.


The website confirms a 100% money back guarantee, though no further information could be found about this guarantee.  There is also a refund policy, but it too is quite vague in its description.  A customer care phone number is listed that can be called for further information.


Many will find the appeal of a promise to help with other ailments besides just constipation as a plus for this product.  The many good bacteria strains included in the ingredients is also a positive reinforcement to the promise of aiding in several different digestive problems.  Having a customer care phone number available for questions is also an attractive benefit to many, should any problems arise.  A lack of further information regarding any potential side effects might possibly be obtained by contacting the company, however some may find it cumbersome that the information is not readily available.  The retail price seems a little high, but there is a discount, as well as an opportunity to save even more if signing up for the Exclusive VIP Club.  The money back guarantee and return policy are lacking in the information provided.  Though Number One Nutrition promises a 100% money back return, the lack of details may be concerning to some who would want to be aware of the rules before making a purchase.

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