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Novartis Ex-lax Laxative Review

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In this review we will be evaluating Novaritis’ ExLax Laxative. This product claims to give fast, comfortable relief from constipation. The company also reports this product is a highly expert treatment. If you would like more information on this product and hear our opinion on whether it is the right treatment for your constipation please keep reading.




  • Sennosides

The inactive ingredients of ExLax include non-fat dry milk, cocoa, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, confectioner’s sugar and lecithin. The active ingredient sennosides is a stimulant type laxative which irritates the tissues in the bowl to produce bowel movements. It is widely known and used as an effective treatment of constipation.


Dosage recommendations depend on the form of the product which comes in pill and square, chocolate pieces. There is the option of regular and maximum strength in the pill form of ExLax. The regular strength pills and chocolate squares have a recommended dose of 30 mg (2 pills or squares) once or twice a day for children age 12 to adults. For children 6 to 12 the dose is halved to 15mg (1pill or square) no more than twice a day. Consult a physician before administering this medication to children under the age of 6. The dosing for the maximum strength is also 2 pills up to twice a day however these are stronger being 50 mg per dose. No form of ExLax should be taken for more than 7 days. Our research found that the amount of the key ingredient contained in each dose of this product is sufficient to be effective as a laxative.

Possible Side Effects

Abdominal pain and cramping as well as lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting have been reported as possible side effects of taking this medication. More serious side effects can include duodenal bezoars and esophageal impaction could occur.


This product is available for purchase through numerous independent retailers. Due to this there is a variety of prices. This is also variable by form and package size. While researching the price of this product we found the pills are offered in 24, 30 and 90 count with a price range of $4.89 to $21.11. The chocolate pieces are offered in 12, 24 and 48 count packages and range in prices from $3.99 to $9.02. These prices do not include shipping.


Novartis offers a money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their product. We could not find any specific information concerning time limit or required product appearance mentioned in this guarantee. We were able to find many customer’s reviews on this product through a number of sites, and most all were positive. Some did complain that once the medication began working there was no choice but to relieve themselves immediately no matter where they were.


Novartis’ ExLax Laxative has shown to be an effective and dependable treatment for constipation. The main ingredient is well documented as a laxative that works. Although this has shown itself to be a good product it is a bit pricey. Some potential customers might also be concerned with the few complaints regarding the urgency that can be felt once the medication takes effect.

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