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Novartis Benefiber Review

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Today we review a product by Novartis called Benefiber. Novartis claims that Benefiber Powder brings regularity to bowel movements. Also, they claim that Benefiber Powder is beneficial to overall digestive health. To learn more about this versatile product, continue reading the remainder of the review below, starting with the list of ingredients.




  • Wheat Dextrin– This is a soluble form of fiber that is used as a supplement to promote regularity and digestive health. This soluble formula can be used in any non-carbonated beverage. It can also be mixed into foods. May be used for baking or other foods.


The recommended dosage depends on the age of the person taking it. For those who are 12 years of age and older, the recommended dosage is two teaspoons of Benefiber powder, taken three times per day. For children 6 to 11 years of age, the recommended dosage is one teaspoon of Benefiber powder, taken three times per day. For children under 6 years of age, it is recommended to consult with a doctor before using.

Possible Side Effects

Since Benefiber is a fiber supplement, there are certain side effects associated with it. A common side effect that comes with taking Benefiber or any other fiber supplement is flatulence. Other potential side effects include: nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, and a feeling of pressure within the stomach, as if the stomach was full. If these side effects are experienced, the recommended course of action is to reduce the intake. It is also advised to begin slowly in order to acclimate the body to the introduction of the extra fiber. If, after reducing the intake, the side effects are still being experienced, a doctor’s consultation may be necessary in order to determine the problem and recommended course of action.


The cost of Benefiber depends largely on two factors. One is the size of the container you purchase, the other factor being where you buy. Prices can range from about $9 up to $30 and even in some places up to $40 and higher. These higher prices generally reflect purchasing the largest bottle of Benefiber, which contains 190 servings. There does not seem to be much in the way of discounts aside from getting an online coupon on the Benefiber website. This coupon is good for $2 off a purchase of one can of Benefiber powder.


There is no mention of any specific guarantee for this product. This is a bit concerning as it raises questions about the product’s effectiveness. There have been quite a few customer reviews, however, and they have all been very positive. Good consumer reviews are a good sign, even without a specifically stated guarantee.


Benefiber is a decent fiber supplement product. On the upside, it is soluble in virtually any non-carbonated beverage. Another good thing is that its versatility allows it to be put into food products such as baked goods, and it will not affect the taste. On the downside, Benefiber can be quite expensive, again depending on where it is bought and the size purchased. Additionally, there is no outright guarantee, so the consumer is presumed to be out of luck if the product does not work as desired.

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