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Konsyl Fiber Caplets Review

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This is a review of the product Konsyl Fiber Caplets, manufactured by the company Konsyl.  The website states that this product is for use in relieving occasional constipation as well as helping to regulate bowel movements when used on a regular basis.  The makers of Konsyl claim that you should see results within 12-72 hours, depending on the severity of your condition.  It is noted that this is a sugar-free product.  Continue reading for more information on this product.


Active ingredients:

  • calcium polycarbophil (625 mg)- used as a bulk-forming laxative

Inactive ingredients:

  • calcium carbonate- used as an antacid
  • caramel- used for coloring
  • crospovidone- combines with active ingredients to help aid in absorption
  • hypermellose- a thickener and suspending agent
  • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose- a thickening agent
  • maltodextrin– a quickly digested carbohydrate used as a food additive
  • microcrystalline cellulose- a bulking agent
  • magnesium stearate- an anti-adherent used in the manufacturing process
  • polyethylene glycol- used as a basis in several laxatives
  • silicon dioxide- used as a flow agent in powdered foods
  • sodium lauryl sulfate- used as a cleansing product in personal care items, no further information could be found for internal uses

Information on the inactive ingredients was found through an internet search.


The suggested dosage for adults is 2 caplets 1-4 times daily.  It is to be taken with a full glass of water and will generally produce results within 12-72 hours.  The website also lists directions for use in children ages 6-12.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects were listed on the website for this product, though a customer service phone number was listed that can be called with further questions regarding this product.

It is suggested that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers consult with a physician before using.


The price for one bottle of 90 capsules is $9.95.  There are bulk discount rates available as well as free shipping when buying multiple bottles and subscribing to the auto ship service.  The highest possible discount is 25% off and free shipping.  A single dose is 2 caplets, meaning each bottle contains 45 doses.


There is no product guarantee listed on the website.  The makers of Konsyl Fiber do guarantee that they are giving you the lowest price available for this product and all other available products.  There is a return policy available with a customer service phone number to call, should any problems arise.  No promise was listed in the return policy of a potential for a refund if you are not satisfied with the product and it’s effectiveness.


Konsyl Fiber is a sugar-free supplement, which is appealing to those battling with other health illnesses such as diabetes.  There are also dosing instructions for children, which is a convenience to many who have children and want something that everyone in the family can take.  The price seems relatively low and is appealing when the bottle is a supply of 45 doses.  One concern many would have is the lack of any further information regarding any potential side effects, though the customer service phone number is available to call with further questions regarding this product.

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