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Good Health Natural Digestion Review

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This is a review of Good Health’s Natural Digestion Capsules.  The product is an enzymatic formula designed to help digest foods commonly known to cause problems in the intestinal tract, especially those that are cause of upset from typical food allergens and sensitivities.  Good Health claims that Natural Digestion is a vegetarian product that helps to process carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the intestines.  Continue reading for a more comprehensive look at Natural Digestion capsules.


The following are the active enzymes found in Natural Digestion capsules:

  • Amylase- an enzyme that turns starches into sugars
  • Bromelain- a protein derived from pineapples, an enzyme that digests proteins
  • Protease- an enzyme that digests complex proteins
  • Lipase- an enzyme that breaks down fats
  • Tilactase- a digestive enzyme widely used for breaking down proteins found in dairy products
  • Papain– protein derived from papayas, an enzyme that breaks down tough meat fibers
  • Cellulase- any in a group of several enzymes used in commercial food processing

Information regarding the ingredients was found through internet searches on the various substances.

This product is formulated in a base of rice bran.  It is without gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, egg and yeast products.  Additionally it is free of artificial colorings, flavors and sweeteners.


The manufacturer suggests taking 1 to 2 capsules with meals.  Each bottle contains 60 capsules.  It is not clear as to how many capsules you should take each day, thus the information on how many days supply is available in one bottle is vague.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects were listed on the product information page, however it is noted that caution should be used if the consumer has past or current problems with stomach or gastric ulcers.


Natural Digestion is not available for purchase through the companies website, but there is a store locator to find where you may purchase this product near you.  Through Pharmacy Direct you can purchase this product at $18.81, or at the time of this review the sale price offered is $11.97.  This price is for a bottle of 60 capsules.


Thorough investigation of the companies website did not reveal a product guarantee, though this product is not available for purchase online.  Each individual retailer may have a different return policy and should be considered before purchasing this product.  There is contact information available, including live chat, phone numbers, and an email address.


This is a product mainly promoted for it’s cleansing properties and it’s ability to help those who have difficulty with digesting certain problem foods.  Vegetarians likely will be impressed with the claim of this being a vegetarian friendly product.  Those with food allergies also will find comfort in the lack of many common allergens in the formula, in addition to the promise of helping relieve symptoms associated with ingesting those foods that cause typical food sensitivities.  There is added convenience in being able to purchase Natural Digestion at a local retailer, though possibly cumbersome if the retailer has a difficult return policy, should the product not show results for you.

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