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Enzymedica Digest Basic Review

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The following is a review on the product known as Digest Basic, manufactured by Enzymedica.  This product is available for use to help with problems in the digestive tract. It works by breaking down food particles such as carbohydrates, fats, fibers and proteins.  Continue reading for further information attained from the Enymedica website.


Ingredients listed on the product page are as follows:

  • Protease- an enzyme that is used to break down proteins in the digestive tract
  • Amylase- an enzyme used to turn starches into sugars
  • Pectinase-an enzyme used to break down pectin, a product found in plant cell walls
  • Maltase- an enzyme naturally found in the small intestine, used to break down maltose to simple sugar glucose
  • Cellulase- an enzyme used to break down cellulose (found in plants) to simple sugars
  • Glucoamylase- an enzyme used to digest dietary starches
  • Alpha Galactosidase- an enzyme used to break down lipids and proteins into simpler sugar forms
  • Lactase- an enzyme used to break down milk proteins in the digestive tract
  • Lipase- an enzyme used to breakdown lipids (or fats)
  • Invertase- an enzyme used to break down sugars
  • Xylanase– an enzyme used to breakdown a major component found in plant cell walls

This product is free of several common food allergens, including, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, yeast, corn, potato, rice, casein and nut products.  It is sucrose free.  No salt has been added.  Additionally, this product is free of preservatives, artificial dyes and flavorings.


The suggested dosage is one capsule with each meal.  For further results, you can increase the amount of capsules you take at one time.  The product page does suggest taking a different supplement, Digest or Digest Gold, should you need something stronger.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects are not listed on the company website for Digest Basic.


A bottle containing 30 capsules is available for $9.99, 90 count for $17.99 and 180 count for $31.99.  The product is available directly from the company’s website.  Additionally, if you ‘like’ this company on Facebook you can get an additional coupon code for $3 off.


A full refund is available if the product is returned within 30 days, though you are responsible for any shipping and handling costs to return the unused product.  Additionally, if you purchased your product from another retailer, the Enymedica company will not accept that return.  Before sending the remaining capsules back, you need to first contact the company to request a return.  They conveniently list the company phone number, an email address, and a mailing address should you need to contact them regarding a return or any other concerns or questions.


Many will find that this products benefits of helping to digest foods is beneficial, especially those with common digestive problems associated with the types of foods they eat.  The price point seems relatively low for the bottle of 30 capsules, though this is only a 10 day supply.  This option may be appropriate for you if this is your first time trying Digest Basic, rather than committing to a larger purchase.  If you still are not satisfied with the product, it is possible to contact the company and return the unused portion.  Many methods of communication are available should you require assistance with your product.  It should be noted that before making a return you need to contact the company.

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