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Effectilax Review

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This is a review of Effectilax. This product is a coated laxative tablet designed to relieve occasional constipation. It is marketed as a dietary supplement in Peru, Puerto Rico and Chile. Keep reading to learn more about Effectilax and decide whether it may work for you.


The active ingredients are

  • Senna leaf extract (Cassia angustifolia) 150mg per 2 tablets

Senna is an herb that is used in supplements as a laxative. The leaves of the senna plant contain substances called sennosides. Sennosides work by irritating the lining of the intestinal tract. This irritation stimulates the muscles of the intestines, causing them to contract. The resulting contractions propel stool through the digestive system toward the colon, which results in a bowel movement. Typically this product takes approximately 8-12 hours to work. For this reason it is best to take it at bed time. We were unable to obtain a list of inactive ingredients. For this reason we are uncertain about whether this product is vegetarian friendly.


Adults over 15 years old should take 1-2 tablets once per day. It should be taken before bed with a glass of water or juice. The manufacturer states that this product is safe for long term use. However, if constipation lasts longer than one week, seek medical advice.

Children under 15 should not take Effectilax unless directed to by a physician. This product should not be used while pregnant or nursing unless advised by a doctor. You should also seek a doctor’s advice before using this product if you have certain bowel or heart diseases.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer does not note any side effects for this supplement. The active ingredient in this product, senna, has been known to cause occasional side effects such as stomach cramps, bloating, gas, mild diarrhea and rarely allergic reactions. It does not interfere with glucose levels, making it safe for use by diabetics.


Effectilax can be purchased in boxes of 20 or 60 tablets. The product website offers a list of retailers where you can buy the product. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain pricing information at this time.


There is no customer satisfaction guarantee offered by the manufacturer. Customers who purchase this product can check with the retailer they purchase from to see if there is a return or satisfaction policy in place. We were not able to locate any reviews online for the product. The manufacturer website does request reviews and customer feedback, but none are displayed at this time.


Effectilax is a remedy for occasional constipation that relies upon senna leaf extract as its primary ingredient. It is sold in packages of 20 or 60 coated tablets and no side effects are noted by the manufacturer. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a complete list of non-active ingredients, so we are unable to determine whether this product is suitable for restricted diets or people with sensitivities to certain substances. We were also unable to locate any customer feedback or user reviews, making it difficult to comment on the popularity or effectiveness of this treatment.

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