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Charak’s Regulax Forte Tablets Review

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This is a review of Charak’s Regulax Forte Tablets. Admittedly, no one likes to talk about constipation but once it comes to call, we cannot wait to find a way to rid ourselves of this most unwelcome guest. According to the manufacturer, this product will act as a gentle stool softener, which will regulate your bowel movements, improve the process of digestion and alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. Hopefully this review will help you decide if Regulax will work for you.



  • Jaiphal – acts as a laxative and softens stool   50 mg
  • Shunthi – (the dried rhizomes of ginger, used for many medicinal purposes) 5 mg
  • Bhringaraj – ( a plant in the sunflower family that can be used as a laxative) 25 mg
  • Triphala- 30 mg
  • Nishottar-10 mg
  • Kali Maricha- 5 mg
  • Pippali-5 mg
  • Sonamukhi-10mg


There is no definitive dosage available on the website.  It lists no directions other than a short statement to call Dr. Charak (no phone number is listed) or send an email (email is included) or take as directed by your personal physician.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects are listed on the manufacturers website, however after completing further research, I found that several of the ingredients may cause trouble with concentration, double vision and hallucinations as well as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal upset (especially if pregnant) and diarrhea. In addition to the side effects listed above, there are several contraindications as well. People who are taking anticoagulants should avoid this product due to the fact that it may interact negatively and do not take if diabetic because the product may lower your blood sugar more than usual. More importantly, please consult your doctor before taking any medication, prescribed or over-the-counter.


Price for the product is $57.00 per 40 count bottle. There is no current promotion to provide savings to customers.


There is no information regarding a money back guarantee on the manufacturer’s website. In other words, if a customer is unhappy with the product they have the option to contact the manufacturer of Regulax and request a refund but there is no promise that you will receive one. This may not instill confidence in potential customers.


The manufacturer of Regulax Forte advertises a product with a convenient dosage schedule that will retrain the bowels while remaining both safe and effective without interacting with your other medications. It does seem to be made of all natural ingredients. However the convenient dosage is intangible in that no dosage is listed on the manufacturer’s website. The consumer is instructed to contact the doctor for whom the product is named or talk to a doctor. This might not be what most people would call convenient.  Furthermore, as far as I can see there is no guarantee for the product so it would seem that once it is purchased, if the laxative does not work as promised, causes uncomfortable side effects or interacts with your prescribed medications you can hope for a refund but there is no way to know that you will receive one. For these reasons, it would be wise to shop around for a constipation relief supplement.

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