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Bulgar Herbs Laxoton Review

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Welcome to our review of the Bulgar Herbs Laxoton. This product is used to treat constipation and slow bowel movements. It claims to help facilitate regular bowel movement without causing diarrhea, cramps or any sort of abdominal pains that some laxatives can cause. Read on below for more information about this laxative and determine whether it will be a reliable remedy for you.




This product uses herbal extracts to help facilitate bowel movement. It contains the following ingredients that are known to be relatively safe:

  • Mallow 19 mg.
  • Dandelion 19 mg.
  • Alpine dock /Monk’s Rhubarb/ 24 mg.
  • Alchemilla /Lady’s Mantle/ 24 mg.
  • Peppermint 24 mg.
  • Flaxseed 26 mg.
  • Restharrow 26 mg.
  • Buckthorn 44 mg.
  • Rosemary 19 mg.
  • Senna 69 mg.
  • Inulin 175 mg.
  • Fennel 18 mg.
  • Rose 13 mg.


This product is a maintenance supplement which also makes it safer than most constipation relief medications which are primarily powerful laxatives. You can take 3 to 6 tablets daily after meals. Benefits from this medication can take effect within the 2nd or 3rd day of use. In order to fully prevent the return of chronic constipation the official website recommends continuous use for up to 4 to 6 months.

Side Effects

This product has no recorded side effects. As it uses natural ingredients it tends to be light on the stomach and will cause no undue strain on the digestive system. Follow the instructions stated on the bottle and as an added precaution please consult your doctor first before using this supplement to treat your chronic constipation. While side effects are non-existent there is always the chance of developing allergic reactions to a particular ingredient so check with your doctor first.


This product is available for $21.57 per 500mg 120 tablet bottle. The official website does not offer any discounted monthly supply packages which means that if you plan on taking this as maintenance it might set you back above a hundred bucks for a 6 month worth of supply. This is a tad expensive for a supplement for constipation relief.


The official website does not state any form of guarantee or refund for this product which is unfortunate. This appears to be one of the safest medications for chronic constipation around and while it’s immediate effectiveness is still in question it does have its merits when used in the long run. Note that the official website also do not offer any discounts for bulk orders.


The Bulgar Herbs Laxoton is a relatively safe supplement to treat constipation. It uses all natural herbal ingredients that are known to help facilitate defecation and prevent constipation from occurring. However, this is quite expensive compared to other constipation relief in the market and the lack of any guarantee and warranty makes the price tag an even bigger hurdle. We also found customer reviews to be mixed to positive which means that this treatment seems to have a shaky track record when it comes to effectiveness.

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