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BONVIT Psyllium Fibre Capsules Review

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This is a review of BONVIT’s Psyllium Fibre Capsules.  It is stated that this product is to help with gently relieving constipation.  This is an all natural and gluten-free product available in Australia.  Continue reading for more information gathered from the product page.


The product page does not provide a full list of ingredients for this product, though it does say it includes psyllium husks.  These are a natural alternative of dietary fiber that helps to relieve and manage constipation when taken regularly.  Further information might be obtained by contacting the company.


The product page instructs consumers to take this product as directed, however, further information regarding the general guidelines was not listed on the web page for this product.  As with information regarding the ingredients, it would be suggested to contact the company with further questions.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects were listed for BONVIT.


No price is listed on the website for this product.  Though difficult to find on the web page, there is reference and links to several online pharmacy companies to where this product could be purchased.  The retailers listed are only located in Australia.  This includes Coles, Woolworths, and independent grocery stores, health food stores, and select pharmacies.

Further information on pricing could be found when visiting the online retailer Pharmacy Online.  A bottle of 180 capsules retails for $23.95, though this company is offering it for $19.95.  Additionally, a bottle of 110 capsules was available for $12.95, though normal retail price is $16.50.  Free shipping is available for purchases over $149; it is not immediately noted as to whether this includes international shipping, or is just domestic shipping in Australia, as this is an online retail pharmacy specific to residents of Australia.

Additional online pharmacies were listed, it is advisable for consumers to compare sites to find the best deal available on this product.


Guarantee information is not available on the website for BONVIT.  This product is not sold directly from the website, and individual return policies should be considered when purchasing this product at your local retailer or through an online pharmacy.


The product page for BONVIT is very vague, with the absolute minimum in product details.  Even with further research on the pharmacy pages suggested to purchase from, there is little to no information given.  For those that reside in Australia, this may just be information to help you find this product in your local store and then further information could be obtained from the product packaging.  It is helpful to many consumers to know that this is a natural product and does not contain any gluten products.  Some will consider the price listed very reasonable if you prefer to purchase online.  Additionally, with a lack of further details on how to take this product, it may be a deterrent to some consumers, as they cannot compare the price per day before making a large purchase.

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