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Baseline Professional Digestive Enzymes Review

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The following is a review for Baseline Professional’s Digestive Enzymes.  Baseline Professionals designed this product to help maintain and promote intestinal health and prevent typical stomach upset associated with inhibited digestion of certain foods.  Each of the enzymes used to make this formulation is considered to be vegetarian friendly.  Continue reading for more information compiled from the product page.


The following is a list of ingredients and description of each included in a capsule of Digestive Enzymes:

  • Protease- used to help break down protein in the digestive tract, also helps to stabilize the pH levels in the gut
  • Acid Stable Protease- helps with the break down of proteins, continues to stay in the bloodstream, to help further regulate the protein breakdown in between meals
  • Lipase- breaks down fats and carbohydrates, good for gall bladder, live and pancreatic health
  • Amylase- useful in digesting starches and carbohydrates, can also help in lowering stress levels
  • Malt Diastase- breaks down both simple and complex sugars and is used in breaking down the sugars stored in muscles
  • Invertase- digests processed sugars into fructose and glucose
  • Alpha Galactosidase- useful in preventing gas and bloating in the intestines, typically caused by certain foods
  • Glucoamylase- digests maltose into a simpler glucose molecule
  • Lactase– breaks down the sugar found in dairy products into glucose and galactose
  • Cellulase- needed in the intestinal tract to destroy cellulose fiber found in plant foods
  • Hemicellulase- used to digest fiber in digestive tract
  • Pectinase- helps to prohibit the binding of sugar on proteins which allows for better digestion and absorption
  • Ionic Minerals- increases the effectiveness of the ingredients found in this formula


One to two capsules should be taken with each meal.  Should you have any digestive upset in taking the recommended dosage, it is suggested to decrease the amount for a few days and slowly work back up to the amount of a typical dose.  One bottle contains 90 capsules

Possible Side Effects

Side effects are not listed on the product information page, other than the suggestion of decreasing the dose and slowly increasing, should stomach upset occur.


One bottle containing 90 capsules sells for $34.95, and is available for purchase through the companies website. Free shipping is available on orders over $75 and bulk discounts are available based on the total of the order placed.

There is a promise of exclusive member only discounts available if you sign up for Baseline Professionals email newsletter.


Baseline Professionals offers a 30 day money back guarantee for both opened and unopened products. Before returning the product you must contact customer support who all give you an authorization code number to include in your return package. Phone numbers and other contact information are conveniently located on the policies page.


Digestive Enzymes is a product that was designed with vegetarians in mind.  The price for this product is a little higher than similar competitors on the market but it does offer a full money back guarantee.  The discounts available for signing up with the companies newsletter might be attractive in helping to make the cost lower.  No side effects are listed, but it is mentioned that you might want to start at a lower dosage until your body is accustomed to the power of this product.

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