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Baidyanath Kabz-har Review

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The Baidyanath Kabz-har is an Indian manufactured constipation treatment medication, and this is our review of this product. It claims to be a good remedy for not only chronic constipation but also indigestion and stomachaches. It comes in powdered form and is taken orally. Read on further for a more thorough look at this product.




This product contains several agents that are known to help cure indigestion and constipation. The powder contains the following ingredients:

  • Cassia angustifolia
  • Ginger Rhizome – Zingiber officinalis
  • Nishotha
  • Black salt
  • Ajwain
  • Indian Dill
  • False black pepper – Embelia ribes
  • Kalapana


The recommended intake of this product is 2 teaspoonfuls before bedtime for adults. Lukewarm water should be taken with this treatment to fully reap the benefits from its effects. Also note that you should check in with your physician for the correct dosage of this treatment as weight and age will have a factor in determining proper dosage levels.

Side Effects

Be advised that taking a high dose of this treatment may cause purgation which could be dangerous as it will lead to dehydration. It is advisable that you consult your doctor first before using this product as it should be taken with caution. Children and pregnant women must only use this medication as instructed by doctors. You should also follow the exact time instructed when taking this powder to avoid any inconsistencies.


It is currently priced at $3.25 per 100mg bottle. The official website offers bulk sale of this product with a 10% discount for a purchase of 6 or more bottles. This is one of the most affordable constipation treatment products and it also uses some unique ingredients that can elevate it above its competition. However, the ingredients can be seen as being a “double edged sword” as misuse or taking more than you’re supposed to will cause some unwanted side effects that may aggravate your condition.


The manufacturer does not offer any form of refunds or returns. While you can return a defective product, delivery will be shouldered by the buyer. The product also does not have any warranty. This is a concern that will hopefully be rectified in the future as most products of this nature should be covered by warranties and guarantees, including shipping costs.


The Baidyanath Kabz-har does have its merits as ingredients are clinically tested to be effective when it comes to treating constipation. The product is also quite affordable. That being said, this is manufactured outside the country and will probably cost a bit when it comes to delivery fee. There is also the issue of this item not having any form of warranty which is a huge concern. Ingredients used may also cause side effects and are dangerous when taken over the prescribed limit.

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