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Adrien Gagnon Senna Review

Editor's Rating:

This is a review of Adrien Gagnon Senna. Sold in capsule form, this is an herbal supplement that is made with the leaves of the senna plant. It is used as a laxative to relieve short term constipation.  Continue reading to learn more about Senna and whether this product may benefit you.


This product contains:

  • Senna (Cassia angustifolia)

The active ingredient in this supplement is an extract that is made from the leaf of the senna plant. In this case, the extract is standardized at 10% calcium sennosides. Senna leaf extracts are usually standardized between 8-60% calcium sennosides. Sennosides work by irritating the lining of the bowel. This irritation results in the muscle contractions which cause the laxative effect. Non-medicinal ingredients include: gelatin, maltodextrine and purified water. The type of gelatin used in the manufacturing process is bovine gelatin, meaning that this product is not vegetarian friendly, but it is gluten free.


Adults are advised to take one or two capsules per day at bedtime. It is noted that Senna should be taken at least two hours before or after another medication or supplement.  Senna is not made for long term use and the manufacturer notes that it should not be taken for longer than 1-2 weeks. If issues do not resolve in that time, consult a doctor.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer does not provide information about possible side effects for this product on the website. Our research concludes that other manufacturers advise against taking Senna long term due to potential liver complications, stating that the maximum duration should be 7 days. It is unknown whether Senna is safe to use while pregnant or nursing. It is best to consult a physician before using Senna if you have certain health issues or if you are taking other supplements and medications.


Pricing information was not available from the manufacturer, but we did find this product selling through online retailers. Prices begin at $11.39 for 60 caplets.


The manufacturer does not offer a satisfaction guarantee. There is some information available about their manufacturing standards but no specific consumer guarantee is mentioned. This may prevent some customers from purchasing the product. We were unable to locate any customer reviews for this product. The website asks for testimonials but does not provide any customer reviews.


Adrien Gagnon Senna sounds like a reasonably good value. It is priced reasonably and offers enough of the active ingredient to do what it promises. It is a gluten free product, but not vegetarian friendly. The manufacturer does not offer a money back guarantee, which may cause some potential customers to leave this product on the shelves. The absence of detailed information on the manufacturer website is also a bit of a drawback. The notable absence of customer reviews is also disappointing and may indicate that this product is not widely known or not well established yet.

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