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How To Stay Constipation-Free

Natural bowel movement is something that cannot be underestimated in order to maintain general health and well-being. Often, we neglect our digestive systems and do not consider what kind of effect our diets and lifestyles have on them. Regular bowel movements are our body’s way of detoxifying, getting rid of anything that is not beneficial to us and retaining anything that is. The uncomfortable symptoms of constipation can include lack of bowel motion, straining or feelings of incomplete evacuation, excessive flatulence, painful bloating and even nausea. As such we should seek to How To Stay Constipation Freeevacuate our bowels 2 to 3 times a day in order to avoid this negative impact on our body’s, and our lives.

The first thing to consider when tackling your constipation is how hydrated your body is. Dehydration can account for many cases of constipation, as a substandard lubrication of the digestive system will cause a substandard bowel function. Think of a beached whale or a birthed ship. That thing’s not moving without a lot of water, which is how you should think of the faeces lodged in your bowel. Therefore, you should aim to drink plenty of water, around 8 glasses a day, as well as fruit juices. The beauty of using fruit juice to remedy constipation is that you can mix and match, and it is perhaps better to do so, to create a refreshing beverage that not only tastes great, but will do wonders for your digestive system.

Another thing to consider is your fiber intake. A mix of soluble and insoluble fiber is needed to absorb water and soften stools which are lodged in the bowel. You can create your own super-supplements by mixing together Chia and Flax seeds with water and consuming the mixture before each meal. This will have the effect of stabilizing the stomach and ensuring swift transit into and out of the bowel.

Finally, take advantage of the naturally occurring fibers in fruit. A lot of fruit skin contains insoluble fiber, and the flesh contains soluble fiber, so by consuming in their whole form you can hit your gut with the two biggest constipation hitting weapons at your disposal. Try blending whole fruits together to ensure a varied, easy to consume mixture that can be incorporated into your diet. Some fruits have more enhance laxative properties than others, such as plums, prunes, apricots, figs and rhubarb. These are widely available, or why not try growing your own to really make them a part of your new constipation-free lifestyle?How To Stay Constipation Free

By choosing any one, or a combination, of these simple, natural solutions, you can remedy your constipation without the risk involved with taking manufactured pharmaceuticals. You can treat your constipation and ensure optimum internal health by making some simple alterations and additions to you lifestyle, without the need to purge system through unnatural means. Like all matters of your health, it is important to take as much control as you can as soon as you can. Use these remedies, heed this advice, and you will take control of your bowel in a way that you may not have ever done before.

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