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What Really Causes Constipation?

What Really Causes Constipation?How often are your bowel movements? Once a day? How about Every other day? A couple of times a week perhaps? The truth is it varies from person to person, but you may be surprised to learn to that many holistic health practitioners believe that a bowel movement as frequent as 2 or 3 times a day is what we should be aiming for in order to achieve optimum bowel health. This theory is based on the fact that food takes 8 hours to pass from mouth to bowel, so if a movement is not made shortly after this time the concern is that our bodies are storing unnecessary waste. This is where constipation rears its ugly head. Most of us will have experience constipation, or will experience it at some point in our lives. A lot of the time we experience constipation as a result of our diets, and in most cases it is alleviated after a mere temporary discomfort. However, in some cases constipation can be long-lasting and unpleasant. These cases are known as chronic constipation and if left untreated can lead to all manner of health complications.

Conventionally, an increase in fibre in the sufferers diet is recommended to help with their bowel movements and alleviate constipation. However, what most people don’t know is that some fibre foods are insoluble by the human digestive system. They do of course aid with bowel movements through their ability to bind onto foods and collect properties to expel from the bowel. Interestingly though, is that naturally occurring fibres in foods seem to offer a more effective means of relieving constipation rather than processed fibres such as is found in cereals and breads. With natural fibres, as found in fermented whole grains, no essential minerals are blocked, thus increasing the digestive systems ability to What Really Causes Constipation?differentiate between waste and goodness. Fermented foods were often used by primitive tribes who, through lack of option, did not consume their grains as breads, but rather in a porridge-like form. This form provided a more pro-biotic food stuff, thus allowing a far healthy digestive system than is common in western society today.

It is by learning from primitive tribes that we know that a diet rich in pro-biotic foods is key to ensure regular bowel movements. As such, herbal mixtures such as triphila (or trifila) are being increasingly prescribed. Triphila is a unique combination of three flowers which can be consumed every day to aid in the digestive process. Sufferers of chronic constipation have found that a daily consumption of triphila has provided them with a natural release, and they can consume the herbal remedy safe in the knowledge that no subsequent damage could be done to their digestive system, in contrast to the unease of mind that they may experience from taking a manufactured, over the counter laxative. Triphila could well be the key to unlocking and unblocking the human digestive system, ensuring regular bowel movements and optimum internal well-being for the foreseeable future.

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