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Not a Fan of Prune Juice? Eat These Instead

Common causes of constipation include physical inactivity, illness, and as a side effect to medication, but the two most common culprits are dehydration and lack of dietary fiber.  Simply drinking more water and eating more high-fiber foods can often alleviate constipation naturally.

Treating constipation naturally can be effective, but many people aren’t up to date on the latest natural treatments. Here are the basic recommendations for treating this condition at home with modern recommendations without having to drink grandma’s prune juice.

Fibrous Foods That Work

Not a Fan of Prune Juice? Eat These InsteadThe Mayo Clinic recommends people consume at least 30g – 35g of dietary fiber each day to avoid constipation. This can easily be achieved by eating high-fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

A full cup of blackberries or raspberries contain 8g of fiber and can be eaten as a snack or added to many other dishes. Lentils pack an even more powerful punch with 12g per cup and taste great added to soups. Black beans and other beans top the charts with 18g a serving. Ease into a high fiber diet by slowly upping the amount of fiber you consume each day. Always remember to drink lots of fluids to avoid cramping and other uncomfortable side effects.


Drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated is important in staying regular. A common measurement for water intake is ten 8oz glasses per day. For many men, aiming for a full gallon a day is a simple gauge for total daily consumption. Women should plan for around nine cups of water every day, but women who are pregnant may need even more.

Water should be the primary fluid consumed. Soda, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages aren’t as effective at re-hydrating the body and do not count towards the daily fluid goal. Alcohol will actually dehydrate the body and should never be consumed while trying to rehydrate.

An added health benefit is that water is calorie-free and can help people lose weight by reducing overall calories.

Not a Fan of Prune Juice? Eat These InsteadYogurts

Yogurt and kefir are fermented dairy foods that contain healthy bacteria. These probiotics promote a healthy colon and can help in passing bowel movements.

Dannon Foods has a yogurt product called Activia, which was designed to improve regular movements. Dannon offers the “Activia Promise”, which is their guarantee to end one’s constipation within two weeks or your money back. Their confidence comes from the inclusion of the bacteria Bifidus Regularis (Bifidobacterium lactis DN-173 010) in their yogurt that promotes a regular system.

Stay Away From These Foods

Certain foods can increase your chances of becoming constipated and should be avoided.

Refined grain foods that have been stripped of their fiber and should be avoided. According to the Mayo Clinic, meat products and highly processed foods contain little to zero fiber and should be limited to only occasionally eaten.

Exercising regularly is important to staying regular. The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse states that poor dietary choices and a lack of physical exercise are the leading causes of constipation, but illness can also be a major contributing factor.

If making healthier lifestyle changes has been ineffective in treating chronic constipation, a consultation with a doctor is recommended to discuss other possible causes.

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