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Fixing Constipation For Good

Constipation is an issue that should not be taken lightly. If overly frequent, or left untreated, it can lead to all manner of complications. From intestinal inflammation to organ disease, you may not have imagined that constipation could lead to such severe health problems as these. Constipation can be extremely uncomfortable, which is why the the sufferer’s usual first point of call is a trip to the pharmacy to getFixing Constipation For Good themselves an over the counter laxative. These, effective they may be, can in fact be detrimental to your health. While generally successful in purging the bowel and relieving constipation, they are often rough on your system, causing tissue and nerve damage in the process. Not only are they physically damaging, but they also can lead to a reliance and dependency that encourages the consumer to take them every time they suffer constipation. This of course could be very dangerous as you could potentially be destroying your body’s ability to perform a natural bowel movement, replacing it with a harsh, unnatural movement.

Firstly, it is good to have a sense of how your stomach behaves. A common misconception is that having too much stomach acid is to blame for digestion issues. However, it is actually a lack of stomach acid that will lead to stomach complications as stomach acid is needed to break down the food with ingest.

It is important to have a correct balance of bacteria in your inner ecosystem in order to alleviate constipation. You need to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of living probiotics in your gut in order to break down the food you ingest. This ‘good bacteria’ can be found in cultured vegetables, Kombucha tea, yoghurt, raw milk, and Kefir and should be incorporated into you diet. Not only will probiotics break down food, but they will also aid in eliminating toxins and heavy metals that hinder proper bowel movement.

Other things to consider in your fight against chronic constipation are your magnesium levels, and the health of your colon itself. A lot of cases of constipation can be attributed to a lack of magnesium in the diet, due to the large intake of processed Fixing Constipation For Goodmeats, dairy and grains that take up the majority of our diets. Constipation can be remedied by simply increased your intake of magnesium, which will have the effect of stimulating and normalizing the bowel, encouraging natural movements and calming inflammation. To tackle constipation from a different standpoint, colon hydrotherapy is becoming increasingly popular. The health of our colons is something that should not be ignored and a healthy colon is paramount for optimum health. Colon hydrotherapy is essentially and enema of water that will purge the colon and cleanse it of any toxins and blockages. Coffee enemas are also available for a potentially greater effect. Some people swear by colon hydrotherapy and by flushing out the colon you could find the sense of natural relief that you so desire.

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