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If there is irregularity or difficulty in your bowel movements, you will most likely be suffering from constipation. Usually this can be attributed to an imbalanced diet or certain deficiencies, and so is easily rectified by counteracting these issues and stabilizing your digestive system. However, many people turn to chemically concocted laxatives in order to purge their bowel and relieve them of constipation. This can be very dangerous, as these pharmaceuticals are usually quite extreme in stimulating a bowel movement,Constipation Health Risks which could lead to damage in muscle tissue and natural reflex. An over-dependency on over the counter laxatives could render your ability to perform a natural bowel movement useless. As such you should consider natural remedies in order to alleviate your constipation issues.

Unfiltered prune juice can be consumed as a natural laxative. Prune juice in this form maintains most of its fibre content, so as little as one cup can loosen the bowel and stimulate a natural movement. If you don’t like prunes or prune juice, then you should consider figs as an alternative. Dried figs are great for flushing out your system because they contain both soluble and insoluble fibre, both of which are needed to normalize the bowel and ensure regularity.

Perhaps the best natural laxative of all fruits, bale fruit has the effect of cleaning and toning the intestine and thus should be consumed as part of your constipation remedy. A more common fruit that has a laxative effect are grapes. The cellulose, sugar and organic acid in grapes make them a great natural laxative, consumed regularly and in their whole form.

Watermelon should be considered as a natural laxative due to its supplementary benefits. Consume in large quantities, not only does it remedy constipation, but it has an added advantage of flushing out the kidneys and therefore preventing kidney stones.

A simple home remedy, a constipation cocktail perhaps, can be made using tomato, carrot and sauerkraut juice. This combination, poured over ice, makes for a refreshing bowel cleanser and can be consumed regularly to ensure normality in your digestive system. Try adding raw honey to the mixture for an added hit of constipation fighting benefits.Constipation Health Risks

General tips for remedying constipation include increasing your fibre intake by choosing less-refined, organic foods. You should ensure to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and/or vegetables in order to maintain general health, not least in the gut. Regular exercise quite literally keeps things moving in the bowel. A sedentary lifestyle will be reflected in your bowel movements as the lazier you are, the lazier your digestive system becomes. Consider the side effects from any medications you are taking as a lot of these could stimulate symptoms of constipation. A lot of constipation comes from dehydration so be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to maintain a well lubricated internal system. Doses of coffee and olive oil in the morning will promote bowel movements. All of the above will ensure natural, safe relief from your uncomfortable constipation.

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