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How Common is Childhood Constipation?

It may surprise you to know that in terms of negative impact on our children, constipation ranks as highly as asthma and ADHD. It is not just the physical damage irregular bowel movements can have on them, but also the psychological effects it can have. If left untreated, constipation can have a significant impact on aHow Common is Childhood Constipation? child’s quality of life. Obviously, the retention of waste matter in the body will have detrimental physical effects. Constipation can come with symptoms ranging from nausea to cramps and even damage to the intestines and bowel. In terms of psychological damage, constipation is often linked to anxiety and depression, and so should not be ignored.Although conventional medicine will say that a bowel movement every 2 to 3 days to normal, it does not necessarily mean this is healthy. It is preferable that a bowel movement occurs around 3 times a day, so as to ensure that food waste is passing through the digestive system and not festering inside your body. So be sure that your child is having regular bowel movements, then look for obvious signs such as cramps, difficulty performing stool elimination and general discomfort. Your first port of call might well be a trip to your local pharmacy to get an over the counter laxative. Caution should be exercised, however, as these are often very harsh on the system and could do more harm than good if given to your child.

There are of course many ways in which you can alleviate constipation without the need for a manufactured laxative. Firstly, you should look at rectifying your child’s diet to incorporate some natural laxatives. It is common knowledge that fruit and vegetables can aid in the digestive process. Try swapping out fast foods and refined foods with more fruit and vegetables and you will see in an improvement in your child’s bowel movements. Prune juice is also a popular, and effective, choice to consume to help get things moving. However, this might not be so popular with the kids, so why not consider a plant-based supplement? Stimulating herbs such as Senna leaves, Cascara bark and Aloe latex have been shown to have laxative effects on the bowel, and can be consumed daily to keep bowel movements regular. These supplements contain naturally occurring chemicals which stimulate contraction in the bowel muscles and therefore bring on bowel movements. Alternatively, flaxseeds and psyllium are great natural remedies for How Common is Childhood Constipation?alleviating constipation. These can be taken daily, along with plenty of water.

By using any of the aforementioned methods rather than over the counter pharmaceuticals, you can help your child win their fight against constipation, without worrying that the manufactured laxatives will do damage to their system. All of these methods are widely available and work on the basis of unlocking the body’s potential rather than forcing it to perform certain actions unnaturally. By using any or all of these methods you can provide the relief that your child needs, with the peace of mind that you need.

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