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Best Diet for Constipation Caused by a Redundant Colon

A colon that is considered “redundant” is longer at the end, descending portion just before the anus. People diagnosed with this condition will experience slower expulsion of feces, resulting in constipation. A person with chronic constipation caused by their redundant colon can greatly benefit from changes to the diet. If diet isn’t enough, there are other treatments that might provide relief.Best Diet for Constipation Caused by a Redundant Colon

Basics of Constipation

Constipation will affect people in different ways, but there are some symptoms that many people have in common. These symptoms include:

  1. Three or fewer bowel movements each week.
  2. Discomfort or inability to produce a bowel movement.
  3. Feeling of partial removal after a movement.

A person with two or three of these various symptoms would be classified as being constipated. If the symptoms persist over a three-month period the condition diagnosis would be extended to chronic constipation.

A Diet That Can Help

Adequate dietary fiber and plenty of fluids is the solution to alleviating the symptoms of constipation. Men should get 30g of fiber each day and women should get 20g.

In increase in fiber without additional fluids can cause intestinal distress since fiber requires plenty of water to function optimally. There are many contributing factors in determining the amount of water a person needs, including age, gender, level of physical activity, and climate, but a general recommendation is to drink 64oz spread out throughout the day.

Water is the best choice for fluid intake, but broth soups, fruits, and vegetables also contribute towards hydration. Fluids should be increased in conjunction with the gradual increase of fiber to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fiber and Food

Best Diet for Constipation Caused by a Redundant ColonThe best sources of healthy fiber are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These natural foods contain a large dose of fiber along with plenty of other vitamins and minerals that the body uses.

Foods that contain 4g of fiber in each serving include cereals, black beans, artichokes, lentils, blackberries, and raspberries. Foods with 1g – 3g include whole-grain bread, apples, pears, oranges, oatmeal, carrots, and broccoli.

Breakfast should start with high-fiber foods, like whole grain toast and fresh fruit. Handy lunch foods like green salads and an apple are convenient and packed with fiber. To get fiber at dinner, one can accompany a main dish with a mixture of beans and whole-grain rice.

Avoid white bread, white rice, and regular pastas. These foods have had their fiber stripped out during processing and can worsen constipation.

A Natural Laxative

Getting sufficient fiber from the diet is critical, but there are additional sources of fiber to further assist in relieving a redundant colon. These natural laxatives work with the body to promote healthy digestion and bowel movements.

Flax seeds contain fiber and mucilage, which can assist with triggering bowel movements. Prunes have been a commonly recommended constipation treatment for decades for good reason. The California Dried Plums Board claim that they contain high levels of fiber, but also contain phenolic acids and sorbitol that assists with proper colon function.

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