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5 Tips For Immediate Constipation Relief

Constipation is an affliction which is affecting more and more people in modern times than ever before. This can, in the most part, be attributed in imbalances and deficiencies in our diet, and the general consensus seems to be that if you’re backed up then the most effective remedy is to take an over the counter laxative from your local pharmacist. Generally, these will have the desired effect. They will stimulate a bowel movement, but at what cost? Pharmaceutical laxative5 Tips For Immediate Constipation Relief are often very harsh on your digestive system, purging the body in a somewhat violent manner. The problem with this is that it can cause tissue damage both in your intestine and your bowel, not to mention the damage it does to the nerves in your colon. Over time this could render your ability to have a natural bowel movement useless, leaving your dependent on laxatives for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to manufactured laxatives. These can be found from natural sources and juxtapose conventional laxatives in that they are gentler on your system and promote natural bowel movements.

Magnesium, in liquid form and free of added sugars, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, can serve as a perfect weapon in your battle against constipation. Often, constipation stems from a lack of magnesium in the diet because a sufficient amount of the mineral ensures muscle function, promotes enzymatic action and therefore aids in proper bowel function.

Simple spring water does wonders for intestinal function, as healthy transition in the bowel occurs when it is well lubricated. The more dehydrated you are, the more difficult it will be to experience a proper bowel movement. By choosing spring water over tap water, you will be sure that you won’t be putting the toxins into your body that hinder bowel movements. Bottled water and distilled water also have negative impacts on the digestive system. The former contains xenoestrogens and the latter lacks minerals, both of which are not counter-productive in terms of assisted bowel movements.

Chia is made up of essential fats and a rich array of fibres, all of which are vital to stimulate proper bowel movement. In just two tablespoons of chia there are around 7 grams of fibre, which is paramount in order to effectively sweep the bowel clean of toxins and blockages. This super-food is best consumed having been soaked in water, as this will give the bowel a double hit of purging properties.

5 Tips For Immediate Constipation ReliefSauerkraut contains an array of probiotics, nutrients and enzymes which, when consumed, will have the effect of softening fecal matter in the bowel. This will encourage natural bowel movements as well as calm any inflammation in that may have occurred in the digestive system.

Coconut Kefir, like sauerkraut, is rich in probiotics that can aid in intestinal relief. Taken in the form of a beverage, it has the added benefit of lubricating the digestive system to ensure healthy transition in the bowel. Coconut Kefir, like all of the above solutions, can be incorporated into your daily routines for quick and easy, natural relief from constipation.

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