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3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Digestion

Eating healthier foods is the best way to improve digestion and overall health. A diet rich in wholesome foods provides plenty of vitamins and minerals that the body uses for optimal functioning.

Once the diet has been cleaned up, there are additional ways to further improve one’s health. Though food choices are the most important component of health, eating patterns also play a part in improving health.

Here are three tips to improve health by focusing on eating patterns.

3 Tips to Jump-Start Your DigestionTip #1 – Chew food very thoroughly before swallowing

The reason mammals chew their food before swallowing is to take the strain off of the rest of the alimentary canal.

Mastication breaks food down into tiny bits that can be dissolved in the enzyme-rich juices of the stomach and intestines. Food that hasn’t been chewed well has very little surface area for the enzyme fluids to attack, so it must sit in the fluid and breakdown over time. This process could take hours and could have been avoided if the food been properly chewed to begin with.

It is recommended that people chew their food thoroughly before swallowing. There should be no chunks of food intact when one swallowed; food should be chewed into mush.

Tip #2 – Drink water between meals instead of with meals

Water is important to a healthy diet, but the best time to drink water is not with meals.

Fiber absorbs water while passing through the large intestines and a lack of adequate water will prevent the waste from moving effectively. However, the water that fiber absorbs in the intestines is not the same water that was consumed with the meal.

The large intestines pull-in water from the body and a hydrated person will have plenty of water in their system to donate to digestion. Drinking water with meals will not aid indigestion of fibers eaten at the same time.

While eating, drink only enough water to help swallow food. Too much will dilute the digestive fluids of the stomach, making the body work harder to break food. The water consumed with meals must also be separated in order to absorb properly.

The optimal time to drink water is between meals, at least 30 minutes before eating. Food consumed without much fluid will break down faster and more effectively. Water consumed on an empty stomach will be absorbed quickly and rehydrate the body, which will aid in digestion.

Tip #3 – Learn to combine the right foods at the right time

Some foods process better together than others. Like the recommendation of drinking water separately from meals, certain foods can interfere with the digestion of others. Here are a few combinations to avoid:

3 Tips to Jump-Start Your DigestionFats and sugars – Lipids will digest slowly over several hours while sugars digest very quickly.

Sugars and starches – Both are carbohydrates, but the starches must be broken down much more than the sugars do.

Fats and acidic fruits – Some people can experience issues digesting these together.

Different kinds of fats – Not all fats are the same. When eating fats, it’s best to stick to one kind of fat with each meal.

Never worry about dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and celery. They can be consumed with any other food without issue.

The most effective eating schedule for effective digestion is as follows:

  1. Drink water
  2. Eat watery foods
  3. Eat acidic fruits
  4. Eat fats, proteins, and vegetables

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